Her Brand DNA


Her Brand DNA is a go-to resource for women in college looking to create, define, and sustain a personal brand, all while matriculating through college. The college experience is one that allows students endless resources, a constantly growing network of peers and professionals, and an overall “testing ground” for students to discover their best selves.  Women currently make up 57% of all college students, and in that, 100% of those women have a personal brand whether they realize it or not. Whether they have the resources and/or choose to shape and cultivate those brands is another story, and that’s where we come in.

Her Brand DNA’s purpose is to help the ‘collegenista’ discover the unique values of herself that will yield way to a strong personal, personable, and memorable brand.  With the wealth of information specifically tailored by educational classification provided in our newsletter and blog, advice on topics such as social media usage and etiquette, to networking at events and in virtual atmospheres, we know that our budding branding belle will surely have what she needs to be her best self and show others just how she does it.

As we all know, choices and experiences shape not only a person’s behaviors, but also their attitudes in similar situations, which is a very important part of a personal brand. On our blog, we will have “real talk” about college and its triumphs, woes, and those “I don’t know what I should do?!” moments all for the sake of giving our collegenistas a heads up, pick me up, or…. fixer up. At Her Brand DNA, we are going to the core of the brand, the educated woman destined for greatness in all aspects of her life. So don’t be shy, hang out with us and if any questions arise, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help.

– Her Brand DNA


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