The Founder

Her Brand DNA, a Thought Turned Into Action

Her brand DNA was created by Sharontina Brightman, a senior at Temple University studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. In addition to her studies, Sharontina is a social media enthusiast and is better known by her Twitter name, “Tyras Lil Sis“. Sharontina’s interest in social media networking sparked in 2009 as she sat at her dorm room desk trying to think of the perfect Twitter name. What began as a love-hate relationship with navigating Twitter, soon turned into a useful tool that would ultimately help Sharontina reach new heights in many aspects. Her love for all things fashion, beauty, and finding a nerdy but cute way to talk about it, soon took her from a quiet and shy college freshman, to an outgoing and confident personal brand that has been on a continuous rise ever since.
Sharontina went from small talk on Twitter, to big talk on the Tyra Banks Show stage and beyond. When she realized she wanted to create a more tangible aspect of her brand, she started her style blog, The Runway Times, which opened the doors for so many more opportunities and also gave her a platform to express her love for style and individuality at her own discretion. Sharontina enjoys expanding upon her personal brand and does so by covering beauty and fashion events on her blog, remaining very active on social media, and always being ready when an opportunity presents itself. Over the past year, she has been sitting on the idea to create a resource for young women just like her who are trying to propel their personal brands in a way truly unique to them. So, she brings you Her Brand DNA, with hopes to be a guide for other women like herself to reach their full potential. She wants to take turns at being the “big sis”, and provide women in college at all levels with the necessary tools to get ahead and do so with integrity and a unique approach.

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