Almost There

Junior year has often been called the “make it or break it” year of college….and high school for that matter. If you think back to high school, it was that year that was so close, but so far away from graduation. It’s the same in college, with an extra layer of anxiety added on filled with post graduation worries. Neither here nor there, junior year is by far the most important  for many reasons. By that time, you are settled into your major (and if you’re not, you should probably call yourself a sophomore). Being that you are settled into your major, it becomes a major component of your personal brand and will often shape your approach to anything you do. For example, a mathematics major and an art major probably won’t present a creative project in the same manner, and it just involves the way they think and feel they can best convey the message they are trying to get across.
By junior year, you’re like an elderly person who is set in their ways in terms of how people may view your brand. By this time, people perceive your brand to be a certain way due to your consistent actions over the years. As you grow, your personal brand follows suit.  Not to say that a personal brand can’t be repositioned, but people have “learned” you and have expectations based on their perception of you. For a junior, it is important to leverage the personal brand you’ve worked so hard to build and prepare it to be your advertisement as you seek employment in your field or beyond. Even in your junior year as you apply for jobs for the current term, employers will want to know what you have been doing in your 2+ years of college and how it is different from what anyone else is doing. So, if you have a hard time answering these questions, we need to chat…
1. What is the central characteristic of your personal brand? What are you all about?
2. How will what you’ve done in your college years contribute to a position in your field post graduation?
3. Ask 3 people in any of your networks this question (preferebly social media since they only know you by how you have branded yourself), how would you describe me in 3 words.
Their responses will give you an idea of how your brand is perceived and will allow you to assess it and adjust your branding efforts if need be. Try this out and send me an email in regards to your findings, I’m waiting to hear from you! For more tips, visit the Get Advice tab.

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