Ms. Know It All

You’re no longer the new kid on the block, you’ve actually been around it a few times. Throughout your freshman year you learned the ropes, had some good times, and probably some not so good. This is the year that may seem the most relaxed, but don’t get so comfortable that you slack on work because once the GPA drops, it’s like running a marathon around the earth to get it back up.  In this year, continue to build, foster relationships with peers and professionals alike. Now you may have a bit of a better understanding of how college works, the kind of people you want to surround yourself with, and the kind you don’t. It’s safe to say that many people know your name now, whether it be good or bad, but in that is where you have to sit back and assess what your personal brand is saying to people. Does your brand say “Oh, I like to part all the time and I go to class only when I feel like it”, does it say “I always put school first and I wouldn’t dare skip a class, I pay for that!”, or maybe it says “I’m creative and I have a bunch of hobbies that often turn into odd jobs that make me money”? All of these brands personified are realizations of what can be seen on a college campus, and it’s your decision as to which one represents you. Okay, so maybe you’re stuck in a position where you have inadvertently branded yourself as the girl who likes to party all the time, but you want to change your ways and get back to the business of your schoolwork, it’s totally doable! On the other hand, maybe you’re seen as the girl who never wants to do anything fun and is a bit boring, but you want to show your friends that you can be fun too, that’s doable! Below are some tips for each case that may help you reverse the oopsy you made…
Tip for the party girl: Shock your party crowd and suggest that you all have a study session one night in place of heading out to a party. They may think you are joking at first, almost sure of it, but show them that you are serious and it will encourage them to join you–that way you will have some accountability partners and others will see the change. As weird as it seems, it makes it seem like you don’t party as much if you are still able to maintain a great grades/GPA; a weird college dynamic…
Tip for the boring girl: If you just aren’t the partying type and that’s all your friends seem to suggest, chime in and request a different type of activity that you think they’d enjoy and once they agree or you meet in the middle, commit and GO! In order for them to believe that you are a recovering party pooper, you will have to be consistent and go out more than just once. Allocate a day when you think you’d be available and up to hang out, and commit to being there. Make sure to take lots of photos to document the fun times had or your friends might try to trick you into adding an additional day. Have fun! For more tips, visit the Get Advice tab.


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